Customer Service is our highest priority.

We understand that careful planning is critical in establishing a new business. With a good design and lay-out for your new restaurant, you will be able to operate more easily and less expensively. Otherwise, you will spend extra time and money to change your restaurant, and even then, you may not have it the way YOU want. With careful planning, you can make changes and correct mistakes early and on paper, rather than on opening day!

When we design your restaurant, we see your project from both the construction and equipment points-of-view. We will design and construct the restaurant with your ideas and style, as well as adherent to local health, building, and fire codes. Arrow can be contracted to do either the entire project, or any portion thereof that you choose.

From the equipment vantage point, we make recommendations on which would be best suited for your restaurant needs (whether they be standard of customized) and also how to best arrange the equipment to save construction cost.

Our policy is to work closely with YOU so that you can realize your dream restaurant, on schedule, and at the least possible cost.

One flat fee guaranteed for approval from building and safety, health and fire department, etc.